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Northport Police Department Background B


The Northport Police Department's mission statement is to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions, and to live in peace. The department serves the people of the village by performing the law enforcement function in a professional manner and it is to these people that the department is ultimately responsible.

Northport Police Department Background A


Northport Police Department, Northport, New York


The Northport Police Department serves the Incorporated Village of Northport which is located in the Town of Huntington in Suffolk County, New York.  The Village of Northport sits on the north shore of Long Island and is located about 30 miles east of New York City and it is directly across the Long Island Sound from Stamford CT.


The Village of Northport was settled in 1656 and was incorporated in 1894.  It is about 2.5 square miles in area, with 32 miles of roadway with two business districts, one on Main Street which terminates at Northport Harbor and the other is on State Road 25A.  The population of Northport is approximately 8,000 people.


The Northport Police Department, with 18 full time officers has jurisdiction over the village.  All patrol and arrest processing and most investigations and training are handled in house (the Suffolk County Police Department assists in specialized cases).  The department has a marine unit which patrols the waterways.  In addition, the Northport Police Department is a 911 answering/dispatch center for multiple agencies.  The department has one Chief of Police, one Lieutenant, four Sergeants, one Detective and eleven Police Officers.   There are also four part time Police Officers and one part time Harbormaster, all sworn with police/peace officer powers.  The department also employs four full time Dispatchers and one Traffic Agent.  Additional part time employees include Traffic Agents, School Crossing Guards, two Harbormasters and Dockmasters.


The Northport Police Department traces its roots back to the 1880’s when there was one “Constable” for the entire village.  The department is now headed by Chief Chris Hughes.  Chief  Hughes is the eighth officer to hold the title of Chief of Police in Northport, the first being appointed in 1929. (Chiefs of the Northport Police Department:  Robert King 1929, Charles Martin 1935, Percy Erving 1954, John Trunzo 1964, Robert Howard 1980, Ric Bruckenthal 2000 and Bill Ricca 2015, Chris Hughes 2019 


In a typical year the Northport Police handle about 5,600 calls for service, investigate about 400 cases and make about 200 arrests. 

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